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Underground Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Underground Jiu-Jitsu Academy is the only certified Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Network affiliated school within Minnesota. Utilizing the teachings of Royce and his Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Network 360 Program, our training focus is centered on real-world self-defense fundamentals all the way up to advanced techniques.

Gym Features

Underground Jiu-Jitsu Academy was founded with the goal of bringing high-quality self-defense-based Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to the south metro area of Minnesota. Located in Downtown Shakopee, we are the only certified Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu affiliated gym in Minnesota.

  • Facility

    Our state-of-the-art facility houses over 1600+sqft of mat space, a spacious lobby, and a kid-friendly waiting area.
  • Convenience

    Located downtown next to several local businesses, shops, and restaurants. Free public parking options are available & walkways maintained year-round.
  • Family-Friendly

    We strive to provide a comfortable, and family-friendly atmosphere for all to enjoy.
  • Self-Defense

    Learn to protect yourself at Underground Jiu-Jitsu Academy! We teach self-defense-based Gracie jiu-jitsu to the whole family.


  • I always left the class with a smile on my face as I learned that I was capable of more than I knew!

    Allie R.

    RGJJ 360 Program

  • John & Winona are absolutely fabulous. I am so happy I started training with them. I definitely feel more confident in myself from taking their course.

    Danielle B.

    RGJJ 360 Program

  • I like jiu-jitsu because I am learning new things. I am active and I am able to socialize with other people.

    Jayden W.

    Jr Warriors Program

  • I have seen John teach a wide range of abilities and he is always happy to take the time each student needs to develop their skills.

    Mike H.

    RGJJ 360 Program

  • Incredible atmosphere. High-quality instruction. Great place to learn/roll. Can’t recommend it enough!

    Ron C.

    RGJJ 360 Program